At an early age, I had always wondered how the music was hearing on the radio was actually made. But when I was around the age of 13, my cousin, who goes by the producer and DJ name of Cumminz, had started to make his own mashups and bootlegs of some of the biggest big-room tracks of that year (2013), which racked up thousands of plays online as well as various radio-stations worldwide. Shortly after this, he showed me the basics of music production on Ableton.

Ever since the day I discovered how music is produced and the joy of DJing, I have become hooked on making my own tracks, mashups, bootlegs, edits and mixes - learning new things every day about sound design, production techniques, new techniques to use whilst DJing and new ways to push the boundaries of  my own music production as a whole... The satisfaction of listening to a piece of artwork which has had months of my own hard work put into its creation is unrivalled to anything else I have experienced, not to mention your own happiness at bringing happiness to those who you're lucky enough to play live to...

Ahead of the release of my debut EP 'Contrast' which includes my debut single 'Peace', I have gained positive feedback from widely-known names within the Drum and Bass scene such as Nu:Tone and Mollie Collins as well as support from D&B heavyweight and owner of Low Down Deep, Logan D.

Other artists and DJ's who have supported my music include Flava D, Ego Trippin', Albzzy, Affirmation and Huski among others.